Roof Trusses

Wood Roof Truss

Roof Trusses are engineered wood components that are thoughtfully designed and factory manufactured using nominal lumber and connected together with metal gusset plates. Each Roof Truss in the system is uniquely designed to best represent an Architect or Engineer’s vision in forming the roof and ceiling shapes, as well as to support the required loads and protect the building below.

Designed and manufactured to fit exactly as required by the blueprints, Roof Trusses minimize cost, reduce waste, and are safe and quick to install with ordinary tools and construction crews.

Turkstra Roof Trusses are an excellent choice for a custom, engineered solution.

Turkstra Trusses
Truss Manufacturer

Turkstra Trusses manufacturers our own roof and floor trusses to supply our customers in our immediate markets surrounding all 11 Turkstra Lumber Locations. Our manufacturing plant is strategically located just east of Hamilton, ON to easily deliver to our customers within an hour drive away for most deliveries.

The wood trusses are manufactured in a facility that uses the latest technology to achieve the highest quality trusses. All our saws are computerized and linked to design software, to ensure accurate and compound cutting. Trusses are built on tables equipped with automated jigging and laser projection trusses to ensure straight and accurate sizing, web location and gusset plate placements.

Designed, built and shipped all by Turkstra staff, taking pride in supplying our local communities in which we live.


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