Floor Trusses

Floor Truss

Floor Truss Details 

Floor Trusses are custom designed and factory built using nominal lumber (2×4) and connected together with metal gusset plates.

Floor Trusses are best used for long spans where interior bearing may not be available. They often reduce the number of bulkheads for mechanical equipment, allow for easy installation of plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, and minimize waste. Floor Trusses are customized and designed to suit the plans from an Architect or Engineer and therefore require no on site cutting. Options to have trimmable ends is available for flexibility on site should quick changes be required and/or to accommodate flexible bearing conditions.

Ultimately Floor Trusses save time and money as they are built to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Floor Trusses are an engineered solution, designed and manufactured to suit both custom and simple builds.

Turkstra Trusses
Floor Truss Manufacturer

Turkstra Trusses manufactures our own floor trusses to supply our customers in our immediate markets surrounding all 11 Turkstra Lumber Locations. Our manufacturing plant is strategically located just east of Hamilton, ON to easily deliver to our customers within an hour drive away for most deliveries.

The open web wood floor trusses are built in a dedicated facility for floor truss manufacturing. A brand new floor truss line was installed in 2021 to respond to the market demands for open web floor systems.

Designed, built and shipped all by Turkstra staff, taking pride in supplying our local communities in which we live in. From Simcoe to Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and the GTHA, to Dunnville, St. Catherines and Niagara Falls, we cover all of Southwestern Ontario.


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