Engineered Wood Products (EWP)

Engineered Wood Products (EWP)

Engineered Wood Products, (EWP)

Engineered Wood Products (EWP) are value-added products made from raw materials comprised of wood fiber, mechanical connections and adhesives to create consistent structural wood materials.

Raw materials may take the form of dimensional lumber, structural composite lumber, veneers, or strands that are reassembled into structural components in a manner that makes efficient use of the wood fiber resource.Engineered Wood Products are desirable for their shared characteristics of wood, but without the drawbacks of naturally occurring defects.

Furthermore, these products can be used in a variety of building applications including residential, commercial and industrial. EWP offers longer spans than conventional lumber with greater carrying capacity, minimal shrinkage, less deflection and less vibration.

Turkstra Lumber is a certified supplier of Boise-Cascade Engineered Wood Products including LVL beam/columns/studs, I-joist, and glulam. These wide ranges of structural framing materials offer a strong, reliable and cost effective solution for any simple or complex project. Turkstra Lumber employs experienced design staff to help with creative EWP solutions.

Turkstra Trusses
Dedicated Engineer Wood Product (EWP) Yard

Turkstra Lumber offers a dedicated engineered wood product(EWP) yard to ensure stock sizes of i-joists, LVL and RIM board for all our Turkstra Lumber locations. With just over one acre of yard space located in Stoney Creek Ontario and with rail car supply direct from Boise Cascade, Turkstra Lumber is a leading supplier of EWP to all our Turkstra Lumber locations and markets. 

From Simcoe to Ridgeway, Niagara Falls, to Oakville and Mississauga and the greater Hamilton and Brantford areas. Our dedicated delivery fleet includes a roll off trailer, 2 Moffetts, and 24′ flat bed trucks to ensure the delivery of the EWP meets the requirements of the job site and gently delivered as required. We are a proud Canadian Company that supplies Engineered Wood Products(EWP) in Southwestern Ontario.



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